, is a software service of freelancing platform for health facilitators developed and run by Tech Tonic to provide an online freelancing platform for Doctors and other Health facilitators, consultancy service, prescription & patient history keeping, and pharmacy management. It is a cross-platform for Health Facilitators and Patients where it establishes a connection between patients and Doctors/ Health Workers. To avail of the service from Shebclinic, it is required to have valid registration at ShebaClinic by both Doctors/ Health Works and Patients. As with other users in the form of the service provider or service consumers. Each user is required to abide by the terms and conditions of while availing any of the services of this portal.

By using this portal, you are confirming that you are abiding by the following conditions:

  1. As a Doctor/ Health Workers, you are required to be BMDC (Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council) or registered with the relevant professional institute in Bangladesh, or equivalent National/ International Authority approved practitioners to become eligible to provide consultation service through ShebaClinic. ShebaClinic keeps the right to go through the verification process before grant access to the portal.
  2. shall provide the web platform with technology support to book online appointments of Doctors/ Health Workers, avail consultancy service by the patient through video conferencing tools, chatting tools, etc. prescription and patient history writings, online-pharmacy. ShebaClinic reserves the right to discontinue any of its services at any point of time that ShebaClinic thinks might not appropriate.
  3. ShebaClinic shall maintain data security, confidentiality, and compliance aligned with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) compliance. There will not be any recording of Video or Audio sessions.
  4. Doctors'/ Health Workers' Fee shall be confirmed while Doctors' registration is finalized and determined by Doctors through the Site where Doctors shall pay 20% of the consultation fee as service charge to ShebaClinic to meet up the site maintenance cost and mark-up. ShebaClinic shall pay Doctors' fees earned through the consultancy service on a weekly basis. ShebaClinic shall provide monthly statements to Doctors/ Health Workers on their consultancy fees and service fees to ShebaClinic.
  5. ShebaClinic may use Doctors'/ Health Workers' display images, equipment images, articles on consultation for digital marketing, and promotional purposes.
  6. Non-current data older than five years might be archived as per the policy of ShebaClinic but can be provided on request and availability. No video shall be stored off the consultation between Doctors/ Health-Workers and Patients.
  7. While using this service, you are 18 (Eighteen) years and above, or if you are a minor, you have due consent from your Guardian who is 18 (Eighteen) years and above Bangladeshi national and completely aware of the service covered under this portal.
  8. You will never use this service/ portal or blog area or any part of the portal as an act that might go against the state or public interest or harmful to the state.
  9. You will never use this service/ portal or blog area or any part of the portal as an act that might be insulting to any religious feeling or insulting to any particular individual.
  10. Whatever personal information like your weight, sex, age, or medical records you provide in shall be treated as truth. ShebaClinic shall ensure the security of your information as per the policy. If any misappropriate information provided causes any complication related to medical consultation, treatment, prescription, or so on, ShebaClinic shall not bear any responsibility for that.
  11. ShebaClinic is a true technology platform and has a dependency on other technology platforms like video conferencing platforms, chatting platforms, internet connectivity, and the hosting environment. Considering multiple dependencies, cannot guarantee its full service, meaning that technical errors and service unavailability could be possible.
  12. Shebclinic only provides the technology platform for software service to connect Doctors/ Health Workers and Patients and doesn't have a controlling factor in overseeing Doctors'/Health-Workers' and Patients' activities. Thus ShebaClinic is not responsible for any mistreatment or unexpected result, or casualties to patients caused by registered Doctors/ Health-Workers.
  13. Patients will pay Consultancy Fees through online payment channels while booking Doctors'/Health-Workers' appointments. In case of failure to arrange consultation due to system problems or unavailability of Doctor/ Health-Worker, the payment shall be refunded to the patient through digital transfer.
  14. There shall be no provision of refunding if any case Patient avails the consultancy services using online booking.
  15. ShebaClinic shall not take any responsibility in case of any illegal transaction is made through the system or exploiting the system. But in case of any reported vulnerabilities, Shebclinic shall address the system issue on topmost priority