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  • 18 Apr 2021
  • Doctors Voice

Shebaclinic's specialty is to bring virtual health facilities on your devices to meet your desired Doctor/ Health-Worker online. The platform will help you to get timely health treatment, counseling, and instructions. On the other hand, Shebaclinic is the first online line freelancing platform for Doctors/ Health-Workers in Bangladesh. This online platform explores the opportunities to look for qualified Doctors/ Health-Workers, set appointments, and get advice through online video calls or chat. The platform significantly reduces the chamber waiting time and can save patients valuable time. The platform can help to reduce the spread of contagious diseases both for the patient and health facilitators. Moreover, the system allows keeping track of all patient's personal medical history, thus helping to preserve it for future reference. It is convenient, easy, speedy, affordable, and time-saving. "Remote Health Care at Your Device.”

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